Ponies: Pone Harder

Hi! I’m not dead! :D

On that note, and in light of the latest episode of Friendship is Witchcraft, have some parodic pony cards:

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I love all my children: Mmm Sliver and Tumblr Sets


((Making a set! Of course, it is largely based around slivers, but will contain other things also, so do not despair! So basically this is a post that is going to do a lot of things. WOW CLARITY.

FIRST THING: There are about 25 cards in the set so far. If anyone would like to help me go through them and judge them for mechanics and fairness, that would be wonderful, as I’ve never made a set before ;w;

SECOND THING: If you have any ideas for slivers! That would be wonderful! Please drop me a line in my ask if you do! It would be most fabulous! Especially if the slivers had very smart-sounding names! <ex: Abstersive and Algedonic Slivers. BUT THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE. GIVE ME ALL THE WEIRD NAMES.>

THIRD THING: As much as I love art, I can’t do it all by myself ;n; So if anyone is interested in helping with that, that would be fabu.

FOURTH THING: I’m actually also making a tumblr set, so please please please, if you want to make a card for it, or you want to be in it, or you want someone/something else in it, let me know! And give information, if you could; otherwise it might get weird :L And if you are having a card of yourself, it would be great for you to do your own art so it’s especially special!

Anywhoodles, thank you for your time if you’re reading this, and I would greatly appreciate your help! Thanks again! Love, Mod!))

The thing about me is that when I have ideas, I usually have them in batches. As such, here are twenty-eight Slivers, plus a Sliver in spirit.

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Guild Collaboration (Gatecrash spoilers)

Just because I no longer feel like waxing praetorian (which is like waltzing Matilda, but with fewer billybongs and more syringes,) doesn’t mean I won’t make use of Tumblr whatsoever. For example, with all ten Return to Ravnica guild keywords brought to light, that means I can find ways to staple them together.

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More Cards of Science!

To celebrate the Spark ignition of Jin’s science buddy, I’ve prepared a sampler platter of potential cards she might indulge in.

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Here’s another curse…
may all your bacon burn.

Curse of Burnt Bacon 1RREnchantment — Aura CurseEnchant playerWhenever enchanted player gains life, Curse of Burnt Bacon deals X damage to that player, where X is the amount of life gained plus 1.Only a fool angers those who handle his food.


Here’s another curse…

may all your bacon burn.

Curse of Burnt Bacon 1RR
Enchantment — Aura Curse
Enchant player
Whenever enchanted player gains life, Curse of Burnt Bacon deals X damage to that player, where X is the amount of life gained plus 1.
Only a fool angers those who handle his food.

Late, but Relevant

Now more than ever I lament my inability to work in media other than text. Oh well. Have SOPA/PIPA/ACTA in card form:

Intellectual Propriety 3WU
Players can’t search libraries.
Cards, spells, abilities, and permanents can’t be copied.
Whenever a nonland permanent enters the battlefield, its controller sacrifices it unless it was cast and its mana cost was paid.
Freedom is lawlessness by another name. 

NOTE: Just in case it wasn’t clear, I do not support the rank globs of festering yak vomit that are these pieces of legislation.

Guild by Association

I loved Ravnica block. Who didn’t, right? But one of the sad things about the block was that in order to showcase every guild, none of the guild keywords got to see any digression into the enjoyably weird. Oh, sure, most of them got a card or two in Future Sight, and bloodthirst was even put into 2012, but still…

Hmm. Speaking of Future Sight, why don’t I do some cards that combine guild mechanics on the same spell? Rhetorical question, of course. That’s exactly what’s after the break.

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Homestuck Part 7: Guest starring Problem Sleuth game mechanics!

New card types.

God I love new card types.

Dear Tumblr,
I’m so alone

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Doctor Who Booster #3.

So you may notice that there are some cards here that are very similar to what is already out there. For example, the Teselecta was also created by tezzmod. Which made me feel very frustrated with myself because I chose not to post my version for over a week. We even used the same picture!

The other two that I know are also out there are Perception Filter (can be found on deviantart) and Weeping Statue//Predatory Principality as a transforming card designed by jinmodsfactory.

Reblogs/Follows=Loves. Use the new fan mail service to make requests! (That is when the service starts working for you.)

Cybermen Invasion: I don’t really get the connection between the two effects. I guess it’s a very small invasion, just big enough to subdue one person or device? I’ll just chalk it up to my Doctor Who illiteracy. Also, I’m guessing that you want those tokens to be artifact creatures.

Cybermen Invasion 2P
Tap target artifact or creature. Put two 1/1 colorless Cyborg artifact creature tokens onto the battlefield. 

Handbot: Coiled Tinviper with Phyrexian mana. Fine by me.

Pandorica: I like it, but it’s definitely too powerful to be common. It’s like the colorless lovechild of Journey to Nowhere and Stasis Cell.

Pandorica 4
Pandorica doesn’t untap during your untap step.
3, T: Exile target creature.
1, Q: Return a card exiled with Pandorica to the battlefield.

Paradox Machine: Perfect. All it needs is flavor text.

Perception Filter: Seems fine, given its fragility. Just needs a little templating.

Perception Filter 2
Enchantment — Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature has shroud.
When enchanted creature attacks, blocks, or becomes tapped, sacrifice Perception Filter.

Teselecta: Just replace “…except it gains “2P: Teselecta…” with “…except it has “2P: This creature…” and you’re golden.

Weeping Angel: Hmm. Interesting. I’ve certainly never seen that first ability before. The copying ability is somewhat outside of black’s usual abilities, but I’ll let it slide. I think this is how it should go:

Weeping Angel 2BB
Creature — Angel Horror
Weeping Angel can’t attack unless defending player controls no creatures able to block it.
Weeping Angel can’t block
At the beginning of your end step, if Weeping Angel didn’t attack this turn, put a token that’s a copy of Weeping Angel onto the battlefield.

The Empty Child: Ooh, cool. However, power/toughness rewriting is very definitely blue’s area of expertise. As such, I recommend this:

The Empty Child 1UB
Legendary Creature — Human Horror
At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life.
T: Put a gas-mask counter on target creature. As long as that creature has a gas-mask counter on it, it’s 1/1 and has “At the beginning of you upkeep, you lose 1 life.”
When The Empty Child leaves the battlefield, remove all gas-mask counters from all permanents.

Ponies 2: Antagonist Boogaloo

It’s been a while since I’ve made some cards of my own. Let’s fix that with some pony cards. And by “pony cards”, I mean “things fought by ponies.”

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